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November 4, 2018
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How to Maximal(ise) Your Space

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Image Via Pinterest


How To Work The Maximalist Look

In contrast to the popularity of the past few year’s millennial minimalism, 2018 showed us that luxury, glamorous, creative, and passionate interior spaces made a comeback with ‘More is More’ style spaces popping up in restaurants, lobbies, and inside homes alike. Just in time for the holiday’s metallics, ornamental details, and luxury fabrics, we explore the Maximalist interior design style and show you ways it can be incorporated in your space.


1) Start Small

Don’t know where to start? Make one big statement and go wild with wallpaper! Bold, patterned wallpaper brings that wow factor into any space: something to look at in your quiet moments in the bathroom, conversation starters in living rooms, or just something memorable for your guests when they walk through the door. Balance the room by picking one or two colours from the patterned wallpaper and incorporating them in solid coloured, textured furnishing and accessories.


2) Balancing Act

No matter the colors and textures you choose, remember that symmetry is the key to keep the room looking and feeling balanced. Create a link between the pieces in the space: whether choosing one color but using many of its different hues, one print on different pieces, or one texture but on different accessories, find a common trend, and balance it throughout the space by using it in key pieces equally throughout the space.


3) Tell Your Story

When it comes right down to it, your space should be a reflection of YOU. A maximalist space could simply be a beautiful physical journal of your life’s stories (of course, keeping in mind the above interior rules). Use a vibrant coloured wall paint, then fill it with framed art that journey through your life, celebrate your favorite things by displaying them on shelving, coffee tables, or walls, or just go crazy by layering your favorite rugs in different hues or throw pillows in your favorite texture.


It’s your space! Go forth and be brave...or at least contact us to help you get started.


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