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August 25, 2018
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Integrated Home Office

Image courtesy - Brayer Design


What is integrated home office you ask?

Just as the title suggests is all - building office spaces into the pre-existing features of a home. ‘Space’ being the key term. It’s such a rarity in our ever-crowding surroundings. With home working getting more and more popular, whether it be in the city or in more rural areas, the next challenge is to set up without interrupting your living space and those you share it with.

So, before creating yet another storage corner, why not make it ‘work’ for you? Under staircases have been promoted from housing Harry Potter or brooms; landings are more purposeful; spare closet spaces have evolved; and even a freestanding dresser can be considered integrated if it’s done right. If able, put a sliding door across and truly ‘lock up’ at the end of of the day, otherwise make it an extension of set features. Only then is it truly integrated.

Inspire, and share yours with us. Or rather, share the space and/or furniture with us, for some ideas.

See how some have achieved this beautifully….


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