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SS19 Interior Insight – Re-connective Lifestyle


SS19 Insight - Re-connective Lifestyle

Written by Sade Akintan

The Influences & Impact Around Us

With the term of recent political decisions and the continuous advancement of technology upon us, we are starting to reconsider the way we live and interact with the world around us. We’ve seen the voting of Brexist here in the UK and still awaiting its effect; the controversial electing of President Trump in the United States and the effect of his administration thus far; the world’s stance on the major refugee crisis of recent; as well as the threat of terrorism’s disruption, or technology taking away the human factor of our everyday. With these major influences, we are learning how to find harmony in our differences in culture & ideologies and starting to appreciate and own these differences as a strength to be celebrated and shared with others in a non-intimidating manner. We as individuals and communities are adapting to the impact of the imperfect decisions and world around us, by choosing to rise above it as 'influencers' and ambassadors of a meaningful and accommodating lifestyle.

This meaningful lifestyle will begin in our immediate environment, our home – its content, mood, and setup. As a knock-on effect, colour and moreso, prints and patterns will have a new importance of telling these stories where space might be limited. Our products and accessories will also live harmoniously amongst collectibles from travels and experiences or be influenced by cultures we draw inspiration from as a show of relating to the world around us and celebrating it despite our differences.


Mood & Colour

The need for meaningful connection shifts from ease of accessibility to the quality of the connection, as we share more time together with family and friends alike. Our homes will need to accommodate these gatherings, creating the right atmosphere for it, considering key lighting, cosy spaces for smaller intimate gatherings, as well as the flow of a space for busier entertaining. With emphasis on being accommodating of both its inhabitants and visitors, we will likely see a shift in layout move even more towards open-plan living for encouraging inclusion. The colours and patterns we see, although showcasing individuality and cultural values, will be communicated subtly as a show of value as opposed to a confrontational stance. A new importance will be given to imperfections as a reality.

Immediately around us will emerge national colours and the ‘colours of our identities and values’. The union jack’s red, white and blue will likely return in a more accommodating manner as subtle inspirations for our spaces without the necessity of appearing as a flag. Our ‘grey weather’ will be celebrated as part of our cultural image with the ‘greying’ down or tonal version of our national colours being the key colours for the season.


Print & Material

Narrative prints and patterns will create a platform for story-telling or making a statement of value without the need for over-accessorising, so as part of this movement, we will likely see a lot of the patterns of nature the printing industry impacting interior fabrics and papers.

A lot of natural materials already showing up on the market with trade shows showcasing new seasonal products exploring textures using cork, limestone, rattan, wool, silk, and many more. This follows the move to incorporate more naturalism into our homes to balance the overly sleek and smooth lifestyles we live with the ever-swiping of phone and tablet screens and re-introduces texture and a ‘draw back’ to reality from our everyday. The rough and inconsistency of natural materials are celebrated for its imperfections and will begin to appear as both surfaces and product finishes. Some already emerging examples highlighted from various events across London in this year’s design week.


Product Direction

Our show of individualism means our cultures will reappear around us as we showcase our values and beliefs through accessorising and creativity. Although space and the need for more homes remain an issue in some areas, the importance of living a meaningful life reshapes how we portray ‘minimalism’, and spaces starts to tell stories again in its content.

Tapestry-inspired curtains, technology embracing nature, and texture becomes key in moving us away from the sleek and smooth products that’s evolved around us. We yern to feel materials again and begin to favour products with texture as an escape from the touch and look of screens. The products around us will remain the same in most part, but their look and feel will be what inspires us over its mechanism or automation as we long to interact even with them. This is captured beautifully in the below Jericho Reclining accent chair from Arteriors Homes, with its jute and walnut finish, and very simply reclining mechanism using moveable rods positioned by hand to set the lounging height.

Sample Schemes

Below is some product, print and colour schemes for inspiration.


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