Crawford Mews Entrance Hall & Guest WC
April 4, 2018
Crawford Mews Family Bathroom
May 1, 2014
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Brooklyn Brownstone Open Plan Studio

Our challenge in this long open-plan space, was to achieve the client’s brief of creating distinctively unique style for each space to differentiate its use, whilst keeping it all flowing to the eye without a clash.
Shabby Chic Bedroom Space
Features: This space incorporates a shabby-chic décor style that marries vintage rustic accents with contemporary furniture for an intimate and comfortable space. A colour palette of sage green, muted greys, whites, and creams are used to create a light, bright, and airy vibe that complements the tall windows and ceilings.

Contemporary Living Room Space
Features: This space uses clean, sleek lines, focusing on basic geometric shapes and forms in furniture and art decor. An earthy colour palette of beige, greens, greys, and whites are incorporated and accessorized with a bold punch of orange. In addition, wood accents and indoor plants are used as an ode to nature and for a conversational, relaxing area.

Industrial Kitchen & Dining Room Space Features: This space incorporates an industrial design style where metal meets wood, for an earthy and modern feel. The colour palette includes greys, rustic metals, and whites, using stainless steel appliances and large wood furnishing with metal finishes to allow for a minimal, yet fully functional space.

Private Residential




Brooklyn, New York, USA